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In 2010 Hedgehog started the first “Midi-Fight-Club”. All artists at these parties incorporate midi-controllers, studio-gear or even self-built gear into their performances. The first issue, which was held in Berlin’s Tresor was a big success.  Following the success, Midi Fight Club Rounds 2 and 3 were held in Tampa and Miami.  Midi Fight Club is known as the best showcase of controller based performances.
He bought his first CD-player and –mixer at the age of 14. Since he did not posses any other equipment, he had to be creative to max out the potential of what his gear offered. Luckily this situation changed by now, but he kept his attitude of trying to master his gear and come up with creative techniques that go beyond its normal usage.
Today he is an evangelist for all kinds of DJ- software and DJ-trainer for Numark and Akai. Limiting oneself to one or two genres of music would be annoying for him. Therefore he incorporates a diversity of music-styles in his sets, which makes them stand out. As a writer forDJTechTools and his own blog ali.dj he reviews new gear, teaches dj-techniques and provides self-programmed tools which make a DJ’s life easier.