Tommy B was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan where he learned the fundamentals of music while playing the saxophone and various other instruments in Jr. High and high school. Growing up in the 80's  he was influenced by  early hip-hop and rap legends the likes of RUN DMC, Public Enemy, and The Beastie Boys. While attending college in Chicago in the early 90's, Tommy was first introduced to house music and hip-house by the sounds of performers like Mr. Lee and Fast Eddie. Bad Boy Bill also made an impact on him with his famous late night live mixes on the Chicago radio station B96 immediately hooking Tommy to the sound. During the early 2000's, Tommy was introduced to the rave scene by his older brother Jeff.   After fully immersing himself in the electronic lifestyle, Tommy was inspired by seeing Kid Icarus AKA Jeremy Word perform at Meltdown 3, a huge rave party in Dallas, Texas.   After a few years, Tommy was no longer satisfied with just "raving", he started buying up vinyl, turntables and a mixer and learning how to spin.  He soon became a member of Traffic Crew in Houston, Texas.   Tommy owes his early teachings and influences to SPACE CITY DISCO, a duo of house DJ’s that were a major part of Traffic Crew and the underground music scene in Houston.  Tommy and the Traffic Crew, along with the legendary Scooby Doo Crew, together threw a number of parties in different clubs and warehouses around Houston.  The Traffic parties were known for an indescribable vibe and sense of family and fun. Moving to Detroit in late 2007, Tommy B was immediately welcomed by LP Events, a well-known and respected crew, and soon played his first party in the city in December of 2008 at Missile Tow, the LP Events Christmas party. In 2010, Tommy B started a Residency at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, MI, and moved his Residency to ELEKTRICITY in late 2011.  Primarily a House DJ, specializing in tribal, deep, funky, electro and fidget house, Tommy B has been known to change it up, throwing breaks, jungle/DNB, 80's remixes, and live mashups in the mix.   His greatest fan and the ultimate influence to his DJ career was his older brother Jeff who’s untimely death in 2010 has pushed Tommy in a direction he hopes his brother would be proud of.  Jeff's influence and continuous support, during both the great and hard times of Tommy's music career, keeps the flame burning for Tommy to continue and succeed like never before.   Tommy has recently taken up with various production and music groups in the Detroit area to help drive his career to new levels (Suckerpunch! Productions, Detroit House Collective, RADSTACK and MAssiveDetroit).  Keep your ears ready because Tommy B will be bringing fresh sounds and a fun vibe to keep you rockin all night long.